Your equestrian stay...

... unforgettable horse riding holidays in an old hunting lodge

and its outbildings which have been renovated into charming gites.
Horse riding for big and small. Trekking with the family on the estate and surrounding woods.
Xavier and Sabine of the Petit Logis du Breuil have created a range of  Equestrian holidays
which will make for an unforgettable experience.
Moments which give the taste of strawberry jam,
flowers in the garden and the warmth of a wood fire.
Souvenirs for the family album.

And because we enjoy a daily dose of happiness, we want to share this happiness with others.
This is why we have opened up the  Petit Logis du Breuil to each and everyone of you.

horse riding and pool

For the ladies...

... you incredible ladies who can do 72 hours in just 24 . You ladies who never seem to have the chance  to just stop and breath.

We just want to make sure you can take the time to relax during your holidays, to get into the zone straight away.
The only questions you need to be asking yourself is what to choose between taking a ride on a horse or sunbathing by the pool.

horse riding for the whole family

For children ...

... when all year all you hear is « no ».

We want you to discover an unrestricted life, rolling in the grass, picking up stones, walking in the mud, spending hours watching lizards basking in the sun, hiding behind trees and discovering the freedom of being on the back of a horse. Basically – out and about and enjoying yourself.

horse riding holidays

For the men ...

... stressed by daily life.

We want to offer you the right to say « stop », to empty your minds, mounting a horse, playing tennis or even running until you are out of breath. Finally allowing you to breathe clean air again. Fresh air that will take you back to your childhood and your summer holidays when life was so much easier.


Sounds ambitious,
come and experience the benefits of the place, and see for yourselves

We tend to be quite modest, we are not here to make a huge display. Nature has provided us with a magical gift, forest, plains, rolling hills and wonderful weather (The Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the second most sunny part of France). The house, an old hunting lodge from the Louis Philippe period, breathes romance and peace. The history which denotes each corner of our magnificent region...

Then maybe Xavier’s love for his horses, and Sabine’s enthusiasm as she talks about nature, life... balmy evenings under the walnut tree and the nocturnal horseback rides that they organise, that's the feedback we receive from you.


Things to do on site :

  • Horse riding
  • Free access to the pool, table tennis
  • Bikes

Things to see :

The region is rich in pre-historic and middle-age sites.

  • Caves and romanesque churches in Poitiers and Civray
  • The châteaux of Verteuil and La Rochefoucault
  • Historic villages on the pilgrimage route of ST. Jacques of Compostelle (Tusson, Nanteuil-en-Vallée, Verteuil…)

Perfectectly situated, we are not far from the following larger towns each with their own history and things to do and see


  • Poitiers (Futuroscope)
  • Cognac
  • Angoulême
  • Niort
  • La Rochelle
  • Limoges

All the shops you will need and a cinema are at 7 km.